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    Jun 27, 2001
    HORTON BAY - An armed confrontation in Bay Township over property rights was averted today when Charlevoix County Sheriff George T. Lasater held a sunrise meeting with Lyle Barkley and his daughter, Kim, on the edge of their property and promised not to take any action today to
    enforce a court order against them.

    Lasater agreed to set up a meeting next week with the Barkleys, county prosecutor Mary Beth Kur,
    township and county officials, and Norman Olson, a senior adviser to the Michigan Militia Corps
    Wolverines and a pastor, to attempt to resolve the issues peacefully.

    Barkley said he was satisfied with Lasater's offer of a meeting and promise not to take action against
    him. But he vowed that if no permanent resolution of the issues could be found and the county
    attempted to remove three disputed housing units, he would defend his property, his wife, Shirley,
    two children and six grandchildren living on the property, with arms.

    Olson, who lives in Alanson, attended the hour-long meeting on Camp Daggett Road to support the
    Barkleys and act as an intermediary. The only other people at the roadside meeting were a sheriff's
    deputy, members of the media and Kim Barkley's fiancé, Charles McClure, 32.

    Barkley and Olson said they were satisfied with today's meeting. "It bought us valuable time," Olson

    Olson said he could not speak for the Michigan Militia or other groups which have vowed to send
    hundreds of armed members from around the country to the Barkley property should a
    confrontation occur.

    "My advice to the militia is to hold off and look for the miracle that I know is going to happen,"
    Olson said.

    Clint Dare, the commander of the Michigan Militia who initiated the meeting with Lasater, failed to
    appear as scheduled as a result of car problems on his trip from southern Michigan to the Barkley

    The dispute drew national attention when Barkley declared last week that he would not move three
    manufactured housing units from his property, as demanded by township zoning officials backed by
    a district court order.

    On Wednesday, District Judge Richard May waived the appeal bond, which amounted to $7,800
    today and was set to increase by $100 a day, because all three of the Barkleys had filed an affidavit
    of indigency.

    At the same time, circuit judge Richard Pajtas waived the $100 filing fee for the Barkleys to appeal
    May's order to remove two 12-by-60 foot trailers and a 29-by-34 foot former portable school
    house from his property by the end of today.

    Janet Potter, the district court administrator, said further legal action against Barkley pursuant to
    May's Aug. 28 enforcement order was in the hands of township officials.

    She said the township would have to hire movers to remove the disputed housing, and any arrest
    would have to come from a petition from the township officials to Judge May to issue a warrant for
    Barkley's arrest.

    At the roadside meeting today, Olson asked Lasater if Judge Pajtas "was eager to get this thing
    settled, just as we are?"

    "I think he will do what he can within his realm of responsibilities, but he will do his job, just as I will
    do my job," Lasater said.

    Olson said, "I've said for the last several days that you're the key individual. You have the ultimate
    decision here, not the judge, not the court, as the highest law keeper in the land.

    "If you have an unconstitutional order before you, you have the right to either set it aside and say
    'There's something wrong with justice here.' You need to look at it again."

    "My question to you is if this comes to a worst case conclusion, can you look back and say it was
    worth it all and you just did your duty? Can you rest for the rest of your life with that on your
    record?" Olson asked.

    Lasater responded: "I can simply say that's not going to happen as far as we're concerned. That
    scenario will not happen. We have reasonable people here, including Lyle, and I think that if we sit
    down we can hopefully come to some conclusion."

    Turning to Barkley, he said: "You agree you're not going to be arrested. You have my word on that.
    I suggest we set up another meeting, somewhere that's mutual in agreement."

    Olson told Barkley: "If he's a man of his word, I will say I trust him as far as what he says before this
    listening audience here."

    Barkley responded: "I'm willing to work this thing out, and have been willing to work it out
    peacefully all along."

    Lasater said, "We're not going to instigate anything."

    Olson said: "It's what you say and what you do and what the law enforcement people do and what
    the government officials do - that will determine the response of people who are supporting Mr.

    "And so we are reactive, responsive, defensive. We are not going to initiate anything that's going to
    cause these people to be in harm's way, any more than they are already."

    Barkley said he had changed his views on the role of prosecutor Kur in resolving the dispute.

    "When I spoke to her the other night I got some sad news back and I was kind of irritated and I told
    her at that time I didn't think that she had the power to work with me, and she'd had three months to
    get into this thing, because the building department is involved, and Charlevoix County in this.

    "But now my attorneys tell me she does have a lot more power than I expected, so maybe we can
    get together with her and can get some of this stuff resolved," he said.

    Barkley said he was working to bring the three housing units up to code, and had nearly completed
    one major element, replacing aluminum electrical wiring with copper
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    Jun 27, 2001

    Subject: Pact Application and SCUM MILITIAS WHO ARE AFRAID TO DEFEND

    Rick Stanley, Constitutional Activist, former U.S. Senate candidate, Enemy of
    the State, and self avowed extremist on the order of our forefathers of America,
    gave the following media release for your use:

    STANLEY NOTE: New Pact Member who brings us to 694 strong now. By the way, for
    everyone in the Pact, we will not PARTNER with any Militia groups that have not
    joined the Pact and made the committment to the Pact, because of the conduct of
    the Michigan Militias in the Barkley incident. There were 4 separate Militias
    who had committed to be there, BEFORE the sheriff arrived and all week they
    kept saying they were coming, and the only one who came was Norm Olson, the
    Senior Advisor to one of the Michigan Militias. These Militias and others
    spread malicious rumors about the Pact and Rick Stanley, tried to convince the
    Barkleys that the so called:"advice" we were giving was going to get them
    killed, and they were dishonest and not forthright the entire time. A few so
    called "Militia Commanders" from across the US called me and threatened me about
    the way I was handling the Barkley situation. I informed each of them that
    while they had frightened me greatly, their concerns could be shoved up their
    backsides, because Pact operations were none of their damn business. You can
    please pass this along to anyone you know. One idiot from Texas was a total
    moron, name of James. He threatened me to never come to TEXAS. I am sure the 25
    Pact members from Texas will get a chuckle about that one. I just wanted James
    to know that if a Pact member is attacked in Texas, I and the Pact will indeed
    come, and if I run into him I will gladly give him the opportunity to do what he
    ran his mouth off about. It will be an absolute pleasure.

    The Pact was prepared and ready to go if our Pact member Barkley was indeed
    attacked and created a standoff. We could have had 20 to 25 Pact members there
    within a few hours from Michigan and surrounding states, each hour after that
    Pact members would have been arriving from across America until our full
    contingent was there within three days maximum.

    A lot of so called militia were coming out of the woodwork collecting their
    government paychecks as provacatuers, disinformation artists, and undercover
    agents, including a lot of Michigan people calling themselves Commanders and the
    like. The Barkleys have not been attacked by the government and it was because
    of the efforts of the Pact members from across America sending in letters,
    e-mails, phone calls etc to government officials in Michigan, not to mention the
    Stanley Scoop subscribers who did as well, to inform them that any attack
    against the Barkleys would be repeled by the Barkleys initial defense and we
    would come to his defense shortly therafter from across the country. They
    backed down because of that and only that, as well as the negotiating skills of
    Norm Olson on site. I know now, why Rainbow Farms happened in Michigan a few
    years back and Grover Croslin was murdered by government snipers along with his
    neighbor. I know now, why Scott Woodring was murdered in Fremont, Michigan this
    past summer by police agents. The blame rests squarely on the Militias of
    Michigan and the government agents who are so willing to murder anyone who gets
    in their way of domination of Americans. The Militias of Michigan are an
    illusion and will never defend anyone in Michigan. That has been proven three
    incidents in a row.

    Regarding the Barkleys: While we have stood down from the PRELIMINARY Alert, we
    can reinstate that alert quickly. We can call an emergency alert and be on the
    road in an hour, PACTWIDE in America. This is a warning to the Charlevoix
    County Government and please pass this on to them folks. Do not betray your
    committment to the Barkleys to work this out in a Constitutional manner. If you
    fail, the Pact will not and we will come and defend the Barkleys. We are
    autonomous from the Michigan Militias and 694 times more deadly. Do not doubt
    our resolve. Do not doubt OUR committment to the Barkleys and the US

    We will defend to the death and yes, there will be much of it the day we have to
    defend any Pact member. Know that. Think real hard on that. None of us wants
    to come to a defense of a Pact member, but we are sworn by oath, an oath to God,
    and witnessed by Rick Stanley to respond to our Pact brethren.

    One issue that also came up. Some folks don't believe we have 694 members
    across America. Some say that there are not enough Americans willing to stand
    up for their rights and the US Constitution. Fools. One day, a government
    agency will decide to test us. On that day, history will be made, and the dead
    will fill the cemetaries of that community. The Pact doesn't want this. We
    want government that STAYS within the boundries of the US Constitution.
    Remember that, the day it happens.

    Last night, we got to breathe a sigh of relief, that we did not have to go to
    Michigan and defend our Pact member. We were prepared and ready to go. We got
    rid of three government agents who were provacatuers as well. We discovered a
    few that did not wish to be in the Pact when it came down to the wire. They
    decided to leave for personal reasons. I urge you all to revisit your
    committment and prepare for the next Alert and have the right frame of mind to
    be able to act, when called. If you cannot, you must revisit your committment
    and if you cannot follow through with that committment without good reason, such
    as, being out of town, unable to be released from your job, death in the family,
    or no one to watch your kids if you left for a week, etc, you must resign. No
    one will know unless you wish to make it known. Your reasons are yours alone.
    The rest of you in the Pact: Thank you for your efforts in this last Alert.
    The country was squarely behind us and made lots of contacts with those in
    government warning them not to violate our Pact members constitutional rights or
    the Pact would come and were prepared to use force of arms. Once again folks,
    that is all the thugs in govcernment understand anymore. The threat will be
    carried out and we are in the right and within the Constitution to do so. They
    are wrong and know it. They know their unconstitutional actions will not hold
    up under the microscope of scrutiny from across the country. The people will
    end unconstitutional government in exactly this way, each and every day in
    America in the future. It is now time to recruit. It is time to tell people
    what we are all about and about our successes. It is time to have tens of
    thousands of Americans in the Pact across the lower 48 states of America.
    Download some information sheets and applications from the website at and RECRUIT.

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    Aug 22, 2002
    WOW! :eek: :eek: :eek:

    Two words come to mind: paranoid schizophrenic.

    Rather than saying "I disagreed with the Michigan Militias", he is spouting a bunch of name-calling. And he is accusing anyone who disagrees with him of being "provacatuers, disinformation artists, and undercover agents".

    If the militia movement is ever going to become reputable, people like Rick Stanley need to be gotten rid of. He is not helping anything.
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    It's disturbing that he would mention Rainbow Farm and the Milita in the same sentence ...
    It's been just 2-years, and those guys took-up arms by shooting at a local news helicopter.

    Shiz, thanks for the update, it's unfortunate that Norm Olsen has the likes of Rick Stanley spinning his anti-goverment rhetoric.
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