Siamese Arisaka Type 38, Bent bolt carbine with pictures

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    Aug 28, 2007
    Still Searching......
    I have been searching online for a while in regards to a rifle I bought a few years ago and I have been coming up a bit short. I hoping someone here will be able to help me out, and could tell me the age, history, value(should I use it deer hunting or store it )and any other facts about this gun. I have seen many Jap 99's that are close but have seen no Siamese guns(Thia)anywhere out there for sale or much info on this gun.
    What I do know,or think I that this is a Siamese Jap Type 38 that is used by Thia police. My gun has the Charka emblem and 1793 in Thia Numbering on the receiver, bolt, and stock. The stock is also one piece verses Jap 99's that were two piece used by the Japanese. The bolt is bent(manufactured that way). Also, The Siamese took a few thousand 35th year Arisakas but modified them to shoot 8mm or 8x51mm Mauser and carry the Sandscrit marking on them. Could my gun be a 35th year Arisaka? I don't know. If anyone (you experts)out there can help me I would love to know more on this gun or who I should contact to find out.
    Check out the pictures below.
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