It was 1997. NASA had just landed a space probe on Mars. A super-computer named Deep Blue had just beaten a human in a game of chess and I had just bought my first Sig Sauer handgun, a P239. I only ended up keeping it for about a year and that was the only Sig I have ever owned. For some reason, (not any fault of the gun) I just never took a liking to it. I was a little less into pistols back then, as I recall, so it ended up getting sold.

Fast forward to last month. I had an unexpected envelope in my inbox at work. I opened it to find that I was given a bonus for a work anniversary, a nice one, and as many of you have done finding yourself with some unexpected jingle… I started thinking of a new gun.

I had been wanting another 1911 and had thought hard about a Colt 80 Series in 9mm but when I walked into the gun store and saw it sitting there, it had to be mine. Normally I would be shy of the price tag of well over a grand, but the Sig Sauer 1911 Emperor Scorpion in 45 ACP felt so good in my hands and I was quickly warming up the idea of treating myself to a high quality 1911.

The first thing I noticed was the black G-10 grips that filled my palms and provided a good solid hold without that sticky/spongy feeling. G10 is a very durable glass-based resin laminate used in many high-quality knife handles, so it is tough and can stand up to exposure to sweat, moisture, and cleaning solvents. What also appealed to me was the FDE finish and the bobbed mag well that Sig calls their Fastback Frame. Being rounded a bit keeps it from printing if you wish to carry it concealed and it is a feature that I thought was pleasing to the eyes. It also lacked a rail, which for me was a plus. I wanted one to carry and if you have a carry gun with a rail, finding a holster can be difficult.


The slide looks and feels solid and has serrations in front and back for easy manipulation. The trigger out of the box was fine. I measured it 3 times with my RCBS trigger scale and came up with an average pull of 5.1 lbs. After buying it, I took it home and immediately field stripped and inspected it. The machining is superb and exact, and the bushing and the slide have a nice precise fit. It came with Siglite factory night sights and they perform great at dusk and in total dark. After reassembling and proper lubricating, it was ready for a trip to the range. I grabbed a box of my 45 ACP practice ammo I had loaded on my Dillion the week before with 230 round-nose from Berry’s.

I grabbed both 8 round supplied mags and a couple spare aftermarket Sig mags I had bought last year for my Ruger 1911 and headed to the range. It did not disappoint me in the least. The sights were dead on for me at the 50 feet test line. Additionally, the 4.2 inch barrel gave me nice groups with my practice rounds.



The gun weighs in at a solid 35 ounces so much of the recoil is absorbed and it’s a just a pleasure to shoot all day long. That first trip out I ran 70 rounds through the gun with no malfunctions. The following day I ran an additional 100 rounds through it, mixing in some hollow points to see if they would feed properly and again, no malfunctions. I also noted that the trigger smoothed out after a couple of trips and is clean with little to no creep.


Seeing that I wanted to open carry this gun, I bought a 1791 Gunleather belt holster for it. I first saw their holsters in a store and I liked that they advertise “100% Certified American, Heavy Native Steerhide”. The holster fit, but very snug so I used the advice I learned a long time ago on TFF and wrapped the gun in a plastic bag (the kind you bring home from the grocery store) and pushed it into the holster overnight. I ended up double wrapping it and doing this for a total of 3 nights but it was enough to coax the leather into relaxing the hold just enough to allow for firm retention and leave a smooth draw . The holster rides well with a slight forward cant to it. It also carries very well, but as such, a decent quality gun belt is a must. I have had the gun out twice more and after owning it for several weeks now and I can say that I have indeed treated myself to a high quality Sig 1911 and I cannot imagine it taking me another 20 years to buy my next Sig handgun.