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    Hi Forum.

    I own a SIG P210-2. Very nice Gun. The only thing that´s not nice is the Price for even Gun and Spare-Parts.

    I want to upgrade it with adjustable Sights, and I also want some more Spare-Mags.

    The Original Sight costs (here in Germany) 480$, an 8-Shot-Mag 80-100$

    Now my Question. Has anyone tried other Mags in the P210? Its a simple Single-Column Mag, and there are Thousands of different Pistols with nearly the same Mag-Measurements.

    If one of you, who can get his Hands on some other type- Spare Mags, I would be very thankful for a hint!

    And the Sights...
    The Dovetail on the Slide has Measurements which make it from my Measuring not compatible with any other Sights.

    Maybe one of you has also Experiences in this way?

    Thanks a Lot.


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    Well Michael....those P210 magazines don't seem to be a lot cheaper here....about $80.

    I can't seem to find any adjustable sights for your P210 on the internet.....MMC makes excellent adjustable sights and do custom installations, but it may be pricey.

    I'll keep looking and see if I can come up with any less expensive alternatives.

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    Here's a better price on your magazines:

    Also, you might also try Joe Lowe.....he doesn't have any P210 mags listed, but if you email or call him he can generally find almost anything.

    Still trying to find those adjustable sights.

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    Sigtrygg....I went to a gunshow yesterday in Minneapolis, Minnesota and came across a dealer who had very large selection of new and used pistol magazines. I asked about a Sig P210 magazine for you. He didn't have any, said that they're hard to come by (as you've already found out), and normally sell for about $100. He really seemed to know pistol magazines very well, and didn't think that any other magazine would fit.

    Looks like those at the Hoosier Gun Works are a good buy.....even with shipping to Germany, they should come to less than that.

    Still haven't been able to come up with any adjustable sights for a P210......sorry. You may want to consider something like this and have a gunsmith fit it to your pistol.

    Guess the P210 is kind of an orphan.

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    Hi Xracer!

    You`re Damn right! The gun is fantastic, shoots always better than what i can bring to the Target, but it`s also too expensive, so not a lot of people own one. So, the market is empty, when you´re looking for spare parts.
    I thank you a lot for the good link, I think he is the best choice I have up to now.

    And the sights will have to be replaced here in Germany by a Gunsmith.

    Thanks a lot!

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