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Hey guys I was wondering what kind of distance do you sight your revolvers in at and what kind of groups do you get. Maybe I'm trying to be to anal but at 33 yards I get a 6 inch group and at 20 yards I get about a 3 inch group of course I want tighter than that but I'm fairly new to this and was just wondering what is average.oh bty right now I'm shooting the ruger old army 30 grain of pyrodex and 15 grains of grits for filler

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I standardize my shooting of all handguns at 25 yards.
If I'm testing loads, I shoot from my portable benchrest, and write the load on the target. The target then goes into a folder specific to the handgun.
This is especially useful with .22s. I shoot 10-12 rounds of one type of .22 ammo into a target, write that brand and make on the target along with "25 yards benchrest" and the date, then file it away.
Later, if I forget which ammo is most accurate in my Stoeger Luger .22, S&W Model 17, Ruger Mark I bull barrel or whatever .22, I just look at the targets.
In my experience, no rifle or handgun is as persnickety as the .22 rimfire. The variation in group sizes, from brand to brand and even within different types of that brand, is amazing.
I have the same folders for my Uberti Remington .44, Pietta Remington .36, Colt 2nd generation 1851 Navy, Pietta 1862 Colt .36 and so on.
And yes, I even test fire my S&W 637 .38 snubnose at 25 yards from a benchrest. Being able to hit a 9" paper plate consistently with the snubnose -- offhand, not from a bench -- builds confidence. I also practice at short range.
I see a lot of handgun reviews at 7 and 10 yards. That's not a test of accuracy, it's marketing deception!
Until the 1980s, it wasn't unusual for gun writers to test factory handgun ammunition out to 50 yards and beyond. In the 1930s and before, it was common for shooting clubs to have "turkey shoots" with 6" barreled .38 Special target guns out to 200 yards, sometimes 300. And those guys would hit man-sized silhouettes at that range.
The short-range testing of handguns in gun magazines and on the net is ridiculous. What's next? Bragging about groups made at arm's length?
Go with 25 yards.
The late gun writer Elmer Keith preached that the true accuracy potential of any handgun ammunition (or handgun, for that matter) became apparent at long range. At long range, any instability in the bullet's flight was amplified.
He's right, with some notable exceptions. The .25 ACP is at max at 25 yards. The .38 wadcutter begins to lose stability after about 60 or 70 yards, though it can be wonderfully accurate out to 50 yards.
I have plinked with my Colt 2nd generation 1851 Navy out to a measured 300 yards, here in the desert. I've been able to hit Volkswagen-sized boulders at that range. Not precise shooting by any means, but it shows me that my load is consistent.
Incidentally, I have to align the notch in the hammer with the junction of the barrel/cylinder to lob 84 gr. lead balls onto the boulder.
Conical bullets are not nearly as accurate at long range, they hit all over a 100-foot area at 300 yards.
I probably couldn't hit a man at 300 yards with my Colt Navy, but I could make his life interesting.
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