Sights for Winchester 1200 - Ghost-ring... Advice?

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    I'm trying to sort-out some sights to fit my Winchester 1200 pump-gun.
    There's not too much info here on combat sights - any hint of creating a combat/defence gun is frowned upon by the NZ powers-that-be.
    Do you have any suggestions?
    I think ghost-ring or red-dot style(can they withstand the recoil long-term?) would be the favourite options so far.
    Do you know if the winchester 1300 bbl fits to the 1200 frame? 3" magnums?

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    Re: Sights for Winchester 1200 - Ghost-ring... Advice?
    For the 1200, I like the Sage unit. The Wilson Combat tritium ghost ring is top-notch, but requires some modification.

    The 1200 barrels will fit 1300 receivers, except that Defender barrels do not interchange with field guns.

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    Will a Winchester 1300 barrel fit to a 1200 receiver?

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    Does anyone know if the ghost ring sights on the scattergun Tech. website will fit the 1300 defender? If not doeas anyone know where to get nice looking well made ghost rings for the winchester 1300?
    Thanks, Evan

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    Welcome to TFF scoob005!! Sorry I can't answer your question...I reckon one of the experts will be along before too long to help out...enjoy your stay!

    Fresh20: The info that I have is that you cannot put a 1300 barrel into a 1200 receiver. I have a 1200 and was told by my local gun dealer that I needed to look at gun shows for a 1200 replacement barrel (I wanted a rifled deer barrel at the time). The Winchester website lists some parts for the 1200 but barrels are not among them and there is no mention that they are interchangeable.


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    Hey Chas
    On the Cabelas site & thru other places I've found the 1200 receiver will take a 1300 barrel as long as it is the five shot. Cannot shoot 3" magnums in it tho' (unless you like the taste of metal splinters!)

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    Check Here
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