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(1/30/02 10:16:30 pm)
Reply | Edit | Del All Sillouette pistols?
Anyone have any experience with these? I'm talking about:

Savage striker
Magnum Research Lone eagle
Thompson Center contender

I see these pistols chambered in rifle calibers, some claims made about shooting sub moa (offhand? no way). Anyway, I wonder what shooting a 3-lb, .308 or 7mm-mag, handheld gun is like?

Competition? I recall seeing guys laying on their backs, using their knees to support the firearms...

Are these guns appropriate for hunting?

Any and all comments are invited!

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(1/31/02 7:29:27 am)
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I have a Thompson Center Contender Super 14, .223 w/Swift 4x scope. Off a bench it will shoot 1" or less (with better shooter than I) groups @ 100 yds. Recoil in very manageable.

TCC's are very nice handguns. Never fired one in a larger rifle caliber. Have thought of trying the 7mm-08 or the 30-30.

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(1/31/02 11:02:18 pm)
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I have the Savage Super Striker 516BSAK in .308.

In my opinion it is the premier target or hunting handgun offered by any of the manufacturers. The other guns in the class just do not have the features.

Mine is dead on for accuracy. I like the adjustable trigger and the adjustable muzzle brake. The laminated thumbhole stock is comfortable and allows me to shoot the gun without hurting myslef. I usually shoot with both hands to keep the muzzle rise down so I can reaquire the target quickly.

If shootin with the muzzle brake off recoil is more but the gun is quieter.

They hold three shots. That alone makes them much better than the competition in my book.

If you look closely the bolt is on the left. This is not for a lefty. It is for a right handed person to hold and shoot it with the right hand and work the action with the left. This way you can use the other shells in the magazine with out changing hands. It ejects out the right side.

Did I mention accuracy.......WOW. right up there with the rifle if I use a rest.
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(12/15/02 2:21:59 am)
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Hey everyone,

I just joined and I guess this is as good a place as any to make my first post!
I have a few Thompson/Center barrels for my Contender and Encore frames.
With my 270Winchester (15" pistol) I can knock off beer cans at 100 yrds with open sites all day long freehanded.
I really like the interchangable barrels and the fact that you can get rifle stocks (as I did for my 35 Whelen 24").
These pupps are ACCURATE!!!!
I did try a scope (Burris) on the pistol but I guess I had a bad one or something, but my target picture danced all over the place.
My Whelen shoots groups in the .5" to 1" without having to break a sweat!
Anyway, QUALITY weapons!

BTW. glad I found this site, lots of info without a lot of attitude!!
Keep up the good work!!!

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(12/15/02 9:42:02 am)
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Hi majormagnum.....welcome to TFF.

We hope you'll stick around and contribute to all of our forums.
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