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(9/17/01 2:39:00 pm)
| Del All Simply An American
(Pulled from the Swiftboat List. Thought y'all might enjoy)

To The People Of America-

During this tragedy, there are so many of us who would
like to do whatever we can to help. In most cases,
such as
mine, all we can do is offer our prayers and be true
to America.

I'm not hoping to receive anything for this, just the
knowledge that maybe, I'm sharing something that most
of us
feel. Those of us who wish we had more to offer, and
those who wish we could do more... Whether we are
removed from New York, Washington or PA. Whether we
knew a soul on any of those planes or in those
we are all emotionally there. We all felt the tragedy
that has struck our Freedom and our Security. It's
with those
thoughts that I send this poem to all...

All of America is in our thoughts! God Bless America!
Our flag still stands for freedom. I'm proud to be an
and they can't take that away!!

Simply An American
Author: Lacy M Johnson
In loving Memory of all victims, survivors and
American Citizens! May God Bless You All!!
September 12th, 2001

I'm not a priest,
Who can lead you in prayer.
I'm not a victim,
Who can say I was there.
I'm not a rescue worker,
Who can say I tried,
I'm simply an American,
Who felt the pain and cried.

I'm not the President,
Who can say Justice I will find.
I'm not a survivor,
Who can say I'll never have peace of mind.
I'm not a doctor,
Who can say I did my best.
I'm simply an American,
Who will cry when we lay those innocent to rest.

I'm not on the Ambulance crew,
Who can say I saved a life.
I'm not a family member,
Who lost a husband or wife.
I'm not a reporter,
Who was there so the world could see.
I'm simply an American.
Who felt the shock and terror rip through me.

I'm not a pilot,
That died at the hands of a madman.
I'm not a loved one,
Who will never fully understand.
I'm not a building,
That had to crumble and fall,
I'm simply and American,
Who has felt it all.

All Rights Reserved. Copyright September 2001 Lacy M

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(9/17/01 5:12:17 pm)
| Del Re: Simply An American
Excellent, 'Catch,,,very emotional,, please pass on my compliments to the author,,

Stan H ,, nighthawk

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(9/28/01 3:37:44 pm)
| Del Simply an American
Good post Catch. So true of most of us as everday types that are still so shocked to this day.

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(9/28/01 5:36:59 pm)
| Del Re: Simply An American
Thanks for sharing that poem with us Larry D.
Sums up what we out here across the country
feel in the wake of this terrible tragedy.

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