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i just have to tell you all how pleased I am after installing a couple of site mods for 2 of my Rugers

First, I bought the Hi Viz front site for one of my Mark IIIs
It replaces the factory black front blade with a fiber optic front site with a handful of replacement tubes in green and orange

Talk about a difference in seeing the front site post. WOW

then I bought and installed a Williams Fire site on my Ruger Take Down version since I never plan on putting a scope on it.
the kit I bought has a rear peep site which screws in place using the rear two factory screw slots on the receiver, and a new front fiberoptic front post that you have to install using a hammer and brass punch, but if you take your time it works wonderful

I would almost say that these are two mods that give you the best bang for your buck with your rimfires.

I think I will do another Hi Viz for one of my other 22/45s
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