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A few days ago in the midst of telling a health related story, I was booted off the computer and it was lost. I mentioned then about getting my "stuff" together and telling you about the largest organ on the human body...that being the skin. I had titled this lost information composition: SKIN...YOURS, MINE, OURS.
I might have been over the accepted amounts of words to be posted anyway so just as well the old computer 'crapped' on me...
I heard a minister of some Christian faith declare one time that at birth, the human soul was contained in this marvelous and wonderous temple, the human body.. Of course, equally wonderful skin covered that body, protecting the delicate organs contained therein... As with any temple, aging depletes the appearance and utility of the exterior to the point of almost non-ability to protect those inners .
My wife was a certified nursing assistant (CNA) for many years and specialized in senior care the CNA's would care for the aged patients, turning them over, helping them into wheelchairs, cleaning their soil, and numerous other chores, the aged skin of the patient, now thin and delicate, would be torn and wounded, making it subject to infused infection and a condition which proved, so many times a terrible condition called 'bed-sores'. Lawyers, for years have used that tell-tale condition of patients 'bed-sores' when legal matters may be being pursued...My own 80 year old skin is very prone to injuries as I work my wood hobbies.. a sharp edge of a board, so easily tears a forearm, the back of a hand.. I feel almost a stockholder at Walgreen's Drugs using so many band aid devices and other medical supplies. So now you know...the largest organ in-on the human body is the skin...
If someday in your travels, a 600 pound, Oriental sumo wrestler, jumps to his feet and declares his to he the largest human organ in the house, just ignore the dumb bastard and go on, eating your steak...that is unless you care to challenge the 'loud-mouth'!! Chief
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