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(11/6/02 8:52:20 pm)
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I've got a Norinco SKS with a clip of some type on the left side of the receiver. It seems to have two thick pins that are bradded inside of the receiver. I don't know if this is a kind of scope mount or what. I've got a new scope mount and a wood stock, but neither will go on because of this clip. Thought about grinding it off, but not sure how to plug the holes. I'll have my wife post a pic.. Thanks

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(11/6/02 9:02:42 pm)
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It is either a Cowboy Companion or a Sharpshooter. Both were commercial variants of the Norinco SKS. The Cowboy Companion is paratrooper-length (it has a 16 1/2" barrel instead of the 20" barrel), and came with the scope rail on the left side of the receiver. The Sharpshooter is a standard type 56 Chicom SKS with the same side-mounted scope rail.

It is my opinion that this scope rail is better than any scope mount that you can put on the receiver cover. Since it stays rigidly attached to the receiver, you will theoretically reduce your chance of losing your zero, as opposed to a receiver cover mounted scope. Receiver covers on Chinese SKS's are notoriously wobbly and you may have to screw around with it to make it secure.

I'm not sure exactly where to buy the scope mount that fits the rail on the receiver, but I'm sure they are out there.
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(11/7/02 2:13:24 am)
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Re: SKS Question
Try the TFF Google search engine at the bottom of any of our

Type in, "SKS Scope Mount" and it should pull up quite a lot
of info for you.
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(11/10/02 3:50:14 pm)
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Thanks for the help. Glad that I didn't grind off the old mount.
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