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    Well stated Lurpy.

    I'd put up my Chicom SKS against any other.

    The rest of the world is rapidly overtaking the US in terms of quality and production.
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    Oct 10, 2009
    The mountains of NE TN.
    Big difference in a Norinco SKS made of there in the 1950's and a knife from over there in the 2000's. I generally agree with the Chinese crap, but they got it right on this one. I also have a Romanian WASR-10, and it won't hold a candle to the SKS. They are both Russian designed weapons, but the craftsmanship out of the older Chinese rifle is far superior to the Eastern-Bloc stuff. If you can even find a Russian SKS, I'd buy it. They're hard to find, since they are the original...

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    Sep 21, 2007
    I bought my Chinese junk SKS for $200 didn't feel to bad about that since it was new in the box and had never been fired,it was made in 1965 at the same factory that the Russians set up in China to produce the first Chinese SKS rifle.

    After five years of use it has never jammed or broken a part has no ware if you don't count a little bluing rubbed off the feed lips of the magazine,it has all milled parts,screwed in barrel with lug,chrome lined bore,weights just shy of 9 lbs.shoots 2" groups all day long at 100 yds. with cheap Russian or Chinese ammo even better with my hand loads,and to top it off I have a 1970 Yugo piece of junk that shoots even better that I gave $150 for. One man's junk is another mans treasure.
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    Feb 25, 2010
    About 20 years ago, a local gun store was advertising Chinese SKS's for $70.... they were "bottom of the barrel" quality. I bought one, and man, it was in sad shape. That gun had been ridden hard and put away wet. Most of the finish was gone. Bad dings in the stock. The gas tube had rusted through, and the escaping gas had split the handguard right down the middle.... but that darned gun still functioned properly!
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    Jul 11, 2010
    Likewise, I have a Chinese Norinco SKS (Pre-ban) and that thing is the ultimate in reliability and has acceptable accuracy. It's a great feral hog gun (although if you use dogs its safer to use something with less penetration). I don't think I'd use it for deer hunting though as I prefer something with a bit more precision.

    At any rate as much as China does produce alot of junk, their weapons are definitely not amongst that junk. In fact I've known guys who have used Norinco Colt 1911 knockoffs in competition shooting. The NEF Pardner Pump shotguns have also been getting very good reviews so far with alot of myths about them using cheap steel busted by gun experts who ahve evaluated them.
    While not guns, I also have some insanely high quality studio microphones that are chinese made and that would have cost 10X the price for an American or European equivalent. So in certain industries they do extremely well and are indeed catching up in terms of quality control. But honestly, if they have the right equipment, something like an SKS or AK-47 is really hard to screw-up.

    Now... as an alternative for around the same price as an SKS, one semi-auto rifle that is AMAZING for around $400-$500 is the Egyptian made Hakim rifle firing the old 8mm Mauser rounds. If you want a serious battle rifle with a serious round (and that can double as a great hunting rifle) it's pretty hard to go wrong with a Hakim. Their main problem is that it dings up badly all the ejected brass making reloads it's not that cheap to fire, but they are usually a little bit more accurate then an SKS, have suprisingly managable recoil, and are quite a bit more powerful in terms of the velocity and range of the round it fires.
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