Slide Stop Faliure

Discussion in 'The 1911 Forum' started by Mankat, May 3, 2007.

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    Some time ago I complained that the slide would not lock open after the last round.I checked all the suggestions#1.loose slide,no,customizedSpringfield 1911 A1.Ed Brown,Vidickie,Novack parts etc.# 2.Tried 4 different mags with 4 different follower types & H.D.springs #3.# different recoil springs,from 16 to181/2to20 back to 16 lbs.#4 One piece ,too long a guide rod(would not clear barrel bushing when depressed,had to take out slide stop first under spring pressure)switched with 2 piece from Colt 45.#5. Tried different ammo.#6.Tried 2 different stops. I gave up. Removed head from butt, remembered NO.#7 Stop Notch on slide. Turned out it wasn't deep enough,leave 45 to 50 thousants thickness at back or bottom of notch slide rail.Instead of straight up cut where slide stop contacts,it was angled In at the Top & Out at the Bottom,causing the stop to slide off when the gun fired the last round.It locked when you pulled the slide back by hand.IT was cut like the R.side of this(^).I reground & recut R.Side (1)straight & it works fine even with hot +p ammo & any Recoil spring weight.Lesson learned.
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    You have likely saved several of us many hours of thankless labor in sharing that tidbit of information.
    Sounds a bit like a 'doctor joke' I heard along time ago, where the doctor was explaining charges to a patient; the patient was arguing that the 30 minute procedure should not cost so much, and the doctor, that this was the 'going rate', for such a procedure.
    The patient ultimately demanded an itemised bill, with litigation in mind, and the doctor complied.
    "Cutting: $400. Knowing WHERE to cut: $2000."
    Many times, fixing a firearm, or anything else, is like that; 10% fixing, 90%, knowing where to look, for what needs fixing.

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