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Small pistol vs Small mag pistol primers

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How many of you use the small magnum pistol primers as apposed to the regular small pistol? I can not find nor have I found any CCI small pistol primers for months. I think I can find some small mag CCI or even in Federal. I don't want to start all over, but it sure looks like it. One more, how much hotter are they? TIA
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Drop the charge down and work it back up. Mag primers should be treated the same as any other component change, every manual says the same thing,
"any time you change a component it's best to drop the charge down and work it back up", "Starting Over"
Do not drop the charge below published Minimum.

You may find you need a little less powder to achive the same results, then again you may not.

Do you have a chrony?

What is your current load?
That is the way I always work a load, but just comparing the two having never used them. I do have a chrono, but always work for accuracy rather than speed. I also usually start in the middle to slight upper side of a load. Thanks for the help.
From what I have experienced the Small magnum primers burn better and therefore offer more accuracy. They increase by 6% from what I have read. If you are not running maximum loads you will be fine. Start low and build up.
Thanks 76 that is what I was looking for. I guess I will start Saturday and see where it takes me.
Thanks 76 that is what I was looking for. I guess I will start Saturday and see where it takes me.
I loaded some 45 acp with large magnum primers and that made me nervous because I had never reloaded hotter primers for a semi-auto. JLA confirmed to go for it and shoot them. They were at max loads and shot nice. I honestly can't say I could tell a difference between the large and the large magnum. Now, large magnum is all I use unless I need to use my backup smalls or large.

Give us a range report, and once again, at least work up.
Again thanks for the help. I will start lighter than before and just go up.
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