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    I hate companies who won't stand behind their products.

    I have chrome peeling off a bathroom faucet so I called American Standard since it has a life time guarantee.
    Would you believe that if you use anything except a "soft flannel cloth and clear water" they won't stand behind their product.

    I've always used the same product to clean them as I use to wash my cars and the paint is just fine on my cars and they are older than my faucets.

    I found it interesting they ask what I used then told me it voided the warrantee. I had my wife call later and they asked her and she gave a different answer and sure enough that product "hand soap" voided the warrantee.

    I just want you to beware of the Am Stan brand.
    I guess I'll replace with Delta or PF

    Just venting: Anyone have a suggestion?

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    Call them back and tell them you only used water and soft flannel.

    Give it a week so they forget you. Of course you probably will not talk to the same person anyway.

    I have had great luck haveing companies replace products for free even when they are out of warrantee. I always write a strongly worded but polit letter and address it to Customer Service Manager.
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    American Standard definitely sucks. They have given me the runaround just like you got. It was a new $300 single lever with all kinds of gadgets. It had a hole in the brazing on the body. They would not do anything. Their crappy chrome is plated in Mexico, nuff said. I have been totally satisfied with Price Pfister(now Black and Decker) and Delta. American Standard farms out most operations to other substandard countries and doesn't deserve my money.

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    because of environmental regulations most plating is done outside the USA