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    Here's an interesting article:

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    I would have to say that the all the Strategic Bombing Results reports done right after WWII in Europe and Japan, and all the damning ramifications about how INEFFECTIVE bombing was then, still rings in the heads of Air Force Generals...

    And if post action BDAs in the Gulf War have been found to have been inflated by 30%, that's still pretty darn GOOD.

    (Compared to WWII at least...the AAF was claiming their bombs were totally destroying Germany's industrial capacity and would thus end the war by itself, all the while most German factories were INCREASING production the entire time, and at the end of the war actually were hitting their highest production levels...they just didn't have the fuel to use all those tanks and planes....)

    And the other thing I noticed is that the ghost of Billy Mitchell can be finally exorcised...

    ...Hearing Air Power advocates stress the inportance of ground forces today is pretty you think they FINALLY "get it?"

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