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STOP! Do not buy that "press".:mad: I fell for the advertising and low price about a year ago and bought one. It's such low quality that I wouldn't even give it away (I keep it on my reloading cabinet so I can see it every time I open the door, to remind me to think before you buy). I tried mine first on decapping/sizing .38 Special brass. Gritty, misaligned ram made it very difficult to run a simple 38 case through the carbide die, even after I lubed the case. So, I tried priming some already sized brass; nope! the ram was so sloppy I had to guide the ram/primer pin into the case by hand every time (ram prime unit). The only good thing about the one I bought is it has a nice smooth ball and a fair paint job. (I'm not new to reloading, I have 4 other presses)

I think this press would be so frustrating to a new reloader that they would give up reloading after the first try. A Lee Loader (mallet style) is a much better way to start and for simple jobs the small Lee "Reloader" press is 1,000 times better than that Smart Reloader crap...
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