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(11/9/02 7:59:41 pm)
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anyone have any knowlege of the Smith Ltd receivers? TIA, Hawk

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(11/10/02 7:19:43 pm)
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Hi Hawk......we're not ignoring you. Keep checking back....pretty soon somebody will be along who knows something about this.

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(11/13/02 9:10:38 pm)
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Hawk... I didn't pipe in at first as I thought someone else would jump in. I used to be pretty into M14's and M1-A's a few years ago. I love those babys!! Anyway... about 8 years ago I became aware of a company that I thought was Smith Ent. I assumed it stood for Smith Enterprises. They had their own line of rear lugged M14 receivers that I beleive were forged and machined. They were works of art and way out of my price range. At the time you were pretty much limited in your choices for an M14 receiver. It was Springfield Armory or Smith. Or you could by a polytech M14 with a chinese receiver. This was at about the time that rear lugging on the receiver was just coming into play and the M14 variant still dominated HighPower Rifle competition. I got out of the sport shortlt after mainly due to costs to compete and I had kind of hit a wall of sorts on personal performance and it became more frustrating to compete and not improve....
But... you didn't ask about ME did you?!?! heh heh
I'd say, if you have a Smith Ent receiver then you have a great basis for a solid match M14. (Also... I havn't done a search on the web, but maybe Smith Ent is now Smith Ltd.???)
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