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Ron, my post, written a couple of hours after the original post, mentioned the nickel barrel, nickel cylinder and gold front sight. I opined that there was too much glare in the picture for it to be useful for grading the gun.

Then I reread it before hitting "reply", and thought, "Man, you're too damn picky", and deleted it. :D

Harleydiver, yes, Colt does that, but just like with all things Colt, it costs a whole helluva lot more.

Smith charges 50 bucks. Used to be 30, but went up a couple of years ago. If your gun was just a "normal" gun, the letter is 50 bucks. If your gun is 100% engraved, with gold inlay and factory carved ivory stocks, ordered by Franklin Roosevelt to be presented to J. Edgar Hoover, the letter is 50 bucks.

Colt starts at 100 and goes up. Depends on the model of the gun. Single Action Army letters cost more than Police Positive, for example. Also depends on any special features of the gun. Your gun was factory engraved? That letter costs more. Your gun was sent to somebody famous - Cody, Masterson, Earp - that letter costs more.
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