Smith & Wesson Revolvers (Unknown Caliber)

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    I recently acquired 2 revolvers from my grandfather's estate. I am unable to determine the caliber of either pistol. I have provided all markings and the cylinder and barrel length in the hope that someone may be able to provide some info as to model and caliber and date of manufacturer.

    Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    Smith & Wesson Springfield Mass. Serial No. 263255
    3 1/4'' barrel 1 7/32'' cyclinder
    Pat. Jan 6,1882

    Smith & Wesson Springfield Mass. Serial No. 5205
    6'' barrel 1 9/16 cyclinder
    U.S. patent May 25, 1880

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    I can look it up in the S&W Standard Catalog if you provide calibers and photos. BTW, it is not a good idea to give the entire serial number of a gun on the internet. The last two or three digits should be "xxx".