sniper attack on police , convert hunted by army

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    A POLICE officer has been shot in a sniper attack possibly carried out by New South Wales' most wanted man, Malcolm Naden, early today.
    A 32-year-old male officer suffered a gunshot wound to the right shoulder, when he was shot at during an altercation at the Nowendoc police station, east of Tamworth, this morning.
    Paramedics rushed to injured officer to Newcastle’s John Hunter Hospital, where is in a stable condition, The Daily Telegraph reports.
    Naden has been on the run since June 2005 when police found the strangled body of his cousin, Kristy Scholes, in his bedroom at his grandparents' Dubbo home.
    He had lived there since Year 7 after falling out with his parents. It was also home to Kristy and her two children.
    The Army are believed to have been called in to aid police in their search.
    Police believe Naden is also involved in the disappearance of another cousin, Lateesha Nolan, 24, last seen after dropping her four children at her grandmother's house in Dubbo in January 2005.
    A loner, Naden is a former shearer who worked as a skinner and boner at Dubbo abattoir. He became obsessed with religion, believing the end of the world was near and only left his home in secret.
    Naden first surfaced in late December 2005, spotted at Dubbo's Western Plains Zoo.
    With the 300ha zoo in lockdown, police believed he may have been living in a roof, slaughtering kangaroos for food. Carcasses were found, carefully butchered.
    His bushman's skills kept him under the police radar despite having Homicide Squad detectives on his tail.
    In 2007 he left his fingerprint in a break and enter on a home at Stewarts Brook in the Barrington Tops area.
    But Naden slipped the police net and did not surface again for two years, this time at the hamlet of Bellbrook, inland from Kempsey.
    Locals who had no idea he was a wanted man, had stood next to him in the local hotel. Then, wearing a mask and camouflage gear, he terrified a woman when he broke into her house. Again, he was identified by his fingerprints, sparking a huge manhunt. Again he eluded police.
    Last year, a couple with a weekender in Barrington Tops reported a break-in and a shotgun stolen.

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    because this is the Australian press they wont mention his religion if its islam , he joined the doomsday cult version of islam lead by Dhyaa Abdul-Zahra and has been alternately killing and hiding now for almost 7 years
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    When I try to get their attention, I send the press articles over and over. I've never seen an article yet that I've drawn their attention too, nor have I received any replies. No surprise here.

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