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Discussion in 'Curio & Relics Forum' started by cointoss2, Mar 4, 2003.

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    I know, I know, I shouldn't spend any more money, but I ordered two more T-38's from SOG yesterday, bought the $39 middle grade ones. Their new flyer came yesterday, and I keep seeing " SOG HAS THE LAST OF THE TURKISH MAUSERS" in bold writing in the flyer, and I figured I better get some more, because maybe they are telling the truth, and won't have anymore soon. I don't know what it is, but I hear them $39 turks crying for me to come and clean them, and fix them, and shoot them. Anyone get any lately, I hope they are decent, or are they getting near the "bottom of the barrel", and selling all the crap ones?

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    I have heard that the $39 ones available now are fairly rough - the $59 select grade are still fairly good. The last batch I got was about a year ago, and I paid $39 plus the handpick fee. Those were very good to fine condition. The blueing was excellent, but the wood was good to very good condition. With a little work on the stocks, they turned out to be overall fine. At the last gunshow I was set up at, I was looking at some of the recent $39 rifles a fellow had straight out of the box - they definately needed some work. Oh, also a lot of them are now showing up without the cleaning rods.
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    Yep, I've seen the same trend. About a year ago I ordered a couple of the $39 ones and they were fairly nice. About 3 or 4 months later I heard them Turks a calling so I ordered a few more. This batch was still nice, but the bluing was about 50%. Then recently about 2 months ago I felt the bug bite again and ordered a few more. I'd rate the bluing around 20% at best with rough stocks. At $39 a rifle, I'd still call it a bargin. Heck, how can you go wrong?

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    I got a parts gun for $27 a couple of weeks ago, and it was in a lot better condition than I expected, handguard was busted in half, but had about 50% bluing, bore was very strong. I hoping that these come in with decent bores, that's all really, anythink else I can fix. I'm already planning on re-doing the stocks, and if need be I can parkerize the metal. I'll keep everyone posted with whaty I get, the girl said they should be here by Friday

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    Well I decided to order one of the $59. ones and it came in today. When I ordered it I ask the lady on the phone if it was that big of a difference in getting a hand picked one and she told me no because the had only a few left. So I don't know if she meant there was only 5 or 6 or 50 or 60. At first look at this one I was a little disapointed but when I looked closer I notice the wood had no dings or nicks just bad varnish. I stripped that off and the wood looks new. The metal was at least 99% blue finish and only one # didnt match. It also had a cleaning rod. The bore is bright and shiny with good rifling after I cleaned all the grease out of it. So I think I got a pretty good one. I may try my luck with a couple of the $39. ones.


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    I got two of the $27.95 in last week. The upper hand guard is cracked on both but not bad. I haven't cleaned the bores yet so don't know about that. I would assume dark. There isn't much blueing left. All in all, I still think they are pretty good for the money. I may spring for one of the best grades later on. I would like to have one with good bores and finish. Tom

    PS I have a 6.5 Dutch and it is crying to have a 6.5 Carcano join it! T
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    tccox, You said youre looking for a Carcano to join your 6.5 dutch, Well, SOG also has them still listed in their last flyer. I ordered one about a month ago. They listed it as very good condition, I'd say it came through about good+ condition. It was the most heavily packed in grease rifle I've ever had, but at $79 it was a nice addition to my collection.

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