soliciting opinions on the springfield XD

Discussion in 'Centerfire Pistols & Revolvers' started by Model American, Oct 10, 2003.

  1. inplanotx

    inplanotx Active Member

    Jan 28, 2002
    Maybe it has to do with the fact that when we old pharts grew up, they did not have plastic that would withstand the pressures!

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  2. ironsight65

    ironsight65 New Member

    Apr 15, 2003
    I've read a lot of people on here repeating "plastic", over and over. I know polymer guns are not for everyone but I tend to try and look at a gun for specific applications. I used to hate Glocks, but after reading some really good reviews on them, I decided to try one. Mainly for a hiking/camping gun because the reviews talked about how rugged they
    are in harsh conditions. They are also designed to shoot underwater, not that I will be needing to, but I figure it would be dependable even if dirty and wet. If I am pleased with the Glock then I will probably look into picking up an XD. I have read they are like the Glocks but with several extra design features. I would appreciate any experiences other have to share also. That's what makes this forum so great.

  3. txpete

    txpete New Member

    Jan 29, 2004
    last sat we did our weekend bud doc bought a full size glock (17?).I shot 2 mags thru it and was impressed with the accuracy of the pistol.he got to shoot my makarovs,bulgarian and military russian and i think I might have him looking for one now.
    he really didn't like the recoil of the 45 colt titanium ported snubbie which is a handful.
    when we shoot we trade pistols back and forth and have a great time and also it is a great way to try out something without buying one.
    I for one am not anti-plastic guns,I just like the feel of steel and wood but just again I might be showing my age.
  4. boomstik44

    boomstik44 New Member

    Mar 6, 2004
    Well, there's always the polymer haters. All I can say is, don't knock what has proven to be quite efficient. The 1911 is one of the best ever pistol designs and yes, it seems like it's been around forever. It's still highly effective in the right hands ( ask L.A.P.D. Swat, who uses Kimbers). But I've also seen pros do things with the universally hated/loved glock that prove the gun's place in our society. Things change, and polymer is one of those changes. Doesn't mean you have to buy any of the hated little plastic guns. Hey, the way I see it, those who only buy steel guns make it easier for the rest of us who will buy steel or polymer framed. The question is, what will people be saying after polymer has been around for a century or so? The 1911 and other steel guns have the advantage of being around that long for good proof of their usefulness. We'll see how the polymer does. As for Springfield's XD, it's one of the finest guns I've handles, ESPECIALLY in the polymer class. The trigger, grip, and design are all superior to the glock. I've had many vets who love their 1911s say that this is indeed a fine weapon. It has one of the best double action triggers around ( I still think that Para Ordnance's LDA is tops in that regard). The price is very good as well. I hold HK in high regard and I think Springfield has a chance at being on this level. I've owned an HK USP 45 that shot better than most pistols I've fired. They are large and somewhat top heavy, though for some people. And the price is less than user-friendly. Most places I've seen advertise the XD for less than 500 bucks. You can't beat it. And for anyone who didn't know.....the XD is actually the HS2000. The HS2000 is croation designed and was importing them before Springfield bought the line of pistols out and put their own stamp on it with some modifications. Now you can get the XD in sub-compact form as well. available in 9mm or 40, if memory serves me correctly. Get one if you get the chance, I highly recommend it.
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