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I acquired all of mine many years ago, mostly from the CMP, some is LC and a goodly amount the good Greek stuff, when they had it. I also got some of the Korean stuff which I hear is not all that safe to shoot. I opened a spam can or two of it when I first got it and usually just reload them as I shoot it.
The Korean ammo might be junk as it is, but the brass seems pretty good for reloading. I scrounged lots of the KA brass from my old Gun Club range - good thing that I wasn't the one firing it. Years ago the Koreans were selling .30 Carbine ammo. They copied the "LC 52" headstamps, but the brass was crappy. I did buy some of that loaded Carbine ammo, and often the cases split on firing. I've never fired or acquired any of the Greek .30-06 ammo or fired cases.

If I had a quantity of that Greek or Korean ammo, I'd pull them down and reload them with U.S. made powder just for peace of mind. That way you know what you are firing. Who knows what powders the Greeks or Koreans use?. I don't trust it, but that's just me.
1 - 2 of 25 Posts