Some new things from the Gun industry, SHOT show update!

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    What I saw at the SHOT show that is new this year.


    Well as most know, the shot show is the place the manufactures of outdoors hunting, camping, shooting, and LEo tactical equipment shows off their new items for the up coming year. Here is a brief list from memory, my magazines have not arrived yet where I shipped them home:

    Winchester is introducing at least 3 new lines of firearms! The take down 94s that we have seen already, a model 95 lever action in 30-06 only, a new automatic hi-power rifle (RXR I think) in most popular calibers, and several new shotguns from SXS O/U and a auto! By the way, the Winchester closing the plant is true bUT it is also a marketing ploy. Seems the 94s have been made over seas for a while and they plan on continoueing all the models made at that plant. They introduced a new model 70 at the SHOT shoow so if you have Winchesters to sell, ride the bubble but if you are buying, it is just a bubble according to Winchester reps.

    Colt is introducing some new handguns, one a 1811 in 38 super that is a pimp gun from he!! due to is being stainless with mother of pearl handles!!! It feels good but butt ugly IMHO. They are coming out with the single actions in other calibers, a smaller 1911 style for CCW purposes, and several engraved models.

    Browning has some new shotguns out, lots of different rifles, and even some new Hi-Power style hndguns. Several new additions to their 22 line as well in hand guns.

    Remington has a new shotgun that is real nice! Bottom load, automatically loads first round in chamber, bottom feed and eject with lots of variations on the loading and feding. Their new 87 trap gun is great!!!! I handld one, drooled all over it, it has a adjustable butt pad and cheek piece, and comes up just right!!! I mean it really come up good and sweet, I will be ordering one for my self along with a browning 525 in 20 ga!.

    Ruger has come out with a 10/22 this year that I say will be a top seller. It is a very short carbine, shorter pull than regular model, and will fit the women and kids great. My wife called my attention to it, she pulled it up to her shoulder and fell in love with it. I will be ordering 5 of them when my first order goes out due to one for us and as my wife said, several of the moms in 4-H will want one. She has the womens ear on those kinds of things.

    Springfield has some new additions to their 1911 styles and the XD line as well. Really cannot say much about them except variations of their current line. One thing they did let me know is they can custom make the ultra carry 1911 in 38 super for me through the custom shop. I have had several women who like the ultra carry 45 Springfield I carry but want it in a 38 super. I talked to the custom shop for a while and they had not even concidered the ultra carry in 38 super. Told me if it does goodl, might be in next years line but they can do the custom order for me now through the custom shop with retail price being not much higher than the 45 acp.
    ParaOrdnance has several new models including a variation on the wart hog model. Really do not remember a lot about their items but will post more when the material arrives I shipped home. Did meet their sponcered competition shooter, Todd Jarrett (sp), who autographed a poster of himself for me, I had him make it out to Joey.

    Hornedy has a new line of the soft tipped bullets for lever guns! Gives you the bullet we have always wanted but could not use in tube fed rifles. I have samples of the 30-30 and 45-70, inert. They will be available in 30-30, 45-7-, 416, and some others that I do not remember off the top of my head.

    E.R,Shaw is introducing a Savage 110 kit! Everything you need to rebarrel your 110 in anoher caliber or just wanting a bull barrel, it all comes in a kit that YOU can do it with all the items in the kit in your own shop with a vice!!!! They are also hoping on haveing a 10-22 kit out that has everything including the receiver that you put together and have a custom 10-22 rifle for what a standard one cost at Wal-Mart!!!! It will go over real well, they are teaming up with Boyds on the stocks hopfully. Also they hope to have the mauser actions in production within the year one the winchester 70 platform. They will be using a good trigger such as Bold or Timney and they will sell it with a barrel and install all at their shop. Only hitch is the receivers will have to go through FFLs but hey, we all knew that! We had a long talk at their booth and they did explain a lot about their fluting. The heli fluting does help in harmonics of the barrel but any of their fluting in the bull barrel does not take off much weight. Also the benifits of the fluting is not really seen UNLESS you are shooting round after round through the barrel so as to heat up the barrel. The fluting does disapate heat after a lot or rounds down range. E.R. Shaw has some great ideas fo this year. I even took a look at one of their smooth bore BP barrels, man was it sweet! Needless to say I have 2 03 actions that are heading to themm here next mont to be barreled and worked on. Great group to talk to and shoot the bull with, Trapp and I know because we spent a good bit of time with them.

    One last thing till I get all my info in, Auction Arms took mine and Trapps mug shot at their booth. It will be on their forum site, yes they have one, mine under mitchelltribe and trapp's under trapp! They are wanting to come up more and be able to compete with GB and with that said, they were telling me that they have several who have switched to their site due to GBs antics as of late. Seems there are several sellers on GB that are fraudlent sellers with GB receiving a lot of complaints but not doing anythig about it. So look at AA some to when buying and selling. They are 100% U.S. owned unlike GB which is foreign owned so any money you put in AA pockets goes to US owners where as GB profits go to foreign interests. Also AA told me that if I start selling with them they would do me a good rate in quanity. I am looking hard at them over Guns America , where I sell at some now, being I am wanting to try some auctions to see if it will increase profits.

    I know this is a long read but I hope some useful info.
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    Good info, especially about Winchester and Colt. I passed on the story about Colt being sold, now I hear that it fell through. Did you hear anything about it?

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    Excellent info, JJ! Thanks!
  4. Very interesting post, JJ. Did Glock show off anything new?
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