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    Hello friends..want to share somethin with u might be good for some. meant to do this last month, but forgetting till today when I picked sumthin up at Cheaperthan..and inside package was a coupe free SMALL target samples from the "SHOOT-n_SEE(TM) or the like..newer type where shot hole becomes better to see....

    ANyway...just doing this to help and might tbe helpful to somebody...I do it mainly cause budget nowadays and is good therapy to do some things anyway. SOme may scoff or not be bothers so skip over if U dont want to
    make these or similiar targets...or mayb this has been shown before and even better.. i hope so..let me know....

    MAin course : if you have checked these see targets close it is obvious they're similiar in design to lotto scratch offs, as your nail can scratch black off to expose green underneath very easily....

    What had worked for me ( let me know better or ur improvements...)

    is to obtain paper plates-plastic or heavy paper in green or color u want to show as shot-and white works good if you want to practice on available u have.

    Have found best venue for color -especially NEon type-go to a local PArty store...etc...

    place plate-either side - but have found face down better , meaning if plate beveled or rim, put plate down so is space underneath;)..then use your 99 cent flat black basic latex paint from home depot-lowes and Spray exposed surface of plate-very thin coat, hopefully one pass...this type paint (the cheap or better "painters Touch by krylon) is good.

    after paint drys.couple minutes...youhave it about done.

    Now you will take the box of colored filled circles or squares you got from walmart or staples..etc...(the peel and stick "Avery"type.all sizes..pick leat 2-3 in for your eye"...peel sticker and place in center..there..u have a
    shot see type target that works good....

    other options I do...if u wantlines on target..i do...rightbefore u spray black surface on..lay your stencil down so outline of under surface be exposed after painting...

    You can make your stencil anyway you want after ideas..but I recommend -go autozone/pep boys -look or ask for "a very small tee for vacumm lines"..will be afourway fitting for joining 4 little vacum lines--looks like tiny 4 way lug wrench..etc...

    while at home depot for black paint ot other top coat color u like..go to where U can see "welding rods " there will be loose ones like spagetti you can handle...

    pick a rod that fits snug in hole of "t" u bought. At home..
    stick a rod in each orfice of "T" per your length..and there is reusable stencil for lines......

    Last .all of above good for "Neon Color POster Board" at better for places I go like indoor at Winchester and clip on running rail just as paper ones do..

    ANother thing...if at range or home good thing these also allow is...After you shoot clip and observe..Instead of changing target immedialtley...U can just trot 50 ft -pistol..100 yd rifle with your little spray can..spray exposed holes..shoot some more-You can do this with the commercial big ones too if want.....

    And last ..what I like about posters..I have laid a blank poster to size over target size...drawn outline of silhouette..then cut outline of man easy..laythe shell or outer outline of man part over green/orange neon .poster as stencil and spray black over exposed man figure..and there is silo target..and of course for outer put man inner self over new black man to match and spray exposed neon/poster seperate color to contrast silouette , but still show rounds of color..i use yellow poster man/ for outer areas..?
    any questions ..let me know. If this is already common slow...

    and if u think im just cheap..yes....when it comes to saving allI can for spending more range fees and ammo....

    just hopin will help and someone will improve on it or share their way....

    best regards,

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    I like shooting water bottles the best... :D:D:D:D


  3. 1shot1k

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    Nov 9, 2008
    Fort Worth, Texas
    :cool: 10 -4 too..Woul dlike to use reaction targets more or fined range with a metal type paddle..swing one dir then must hit to swing other..but they usually for 22 only as anythin else quickly destroy..but range wont let me use bottles or cans on string etc....but I agree with u,,,,:cool:
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