Source for HK 19mm Flares

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    Reply | Edit | Del All Need help finding:
    19MM flares that fit in the HK Emergency Flare Launcher.
    I have the gun and the magazine but need the flares to
    be able to sell the gun, thanx, teehee.

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    Have you checked with HK? they made a good concealed weapon. Can toy imagine a bad guy's expression if you pulled one and shot him with it? Flares tend to stick to people while they are burning.
    If you find a source for the flares and launchers please post it here because I want one.

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    Re: Need help finding:
    To my knowledge, HK does not market the ESL or the 19mm x 36 flares in the US.

    Try , they may have a lead. (edited to activate hyperlink)

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    Feb 27, 2011
    I have a 'Molgora' Mondial. V flare pistol and am searching for flare cartridges for it. it has a 21.5mm bore.

    Can anyone help please.

    Stillcruizin (from Vanuatu)