South Australian man Mohammed Tasleem Tahir jailed for cutting off girl's tongue

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    A SOUTH Australian man who cut off of his ex-girlfriend's tongue in a jealous rage on the Gold Coast has been jailed for 8-and-a-half years.

    Mohammed Tasleem Tahir, 23, pleaded guilty in the Southport District Court to causing grievous bodily harm to his 20-year-old former partner.

    Judge Katherine McGinness condemned his attack as "persistent and devastating".

    But due to his youth and lack of violent criminal history she set him parole eligibility from September next year.

    Tahir admitted he followed his ex-partner from Adelaide to the Gold Coast in 2010 and confronted her in her apartment on November 13 claiming he wanted to 'repair' the relationship.

    When she resisted he bashed her with an large, empty Bundaberg Rum bottle and used a knife to cut slits in the corners of her lips and to sever part of her tongue.

    He then strangled her in the bedroom and only stopped when she played dead.

    Concerned neighbours heard a"bloodcurdling scream" and called police who kicked down the apartment door and found the bloodied pair in the unit.

    The woman required intensive care for her mouth, tongue, facial gashes and a fractured eye socket.

    Today the court was told the woman had suffered permanent facial scarring and despite surgery to repair her tongue she had lost sensation and still had trouble speaking.

    She did not attend court today.

    Barrister Michael Byrne QC said Tahir regretted his actions and had begun attending Muslim prayer sessions five times a day in jail.

    Judge McGinness rejected an application by the Crown to declare Tahir a serious violent offender.


    they declined to make him a violent offender not because he is not violent , but because the imams would call a riot if he did , this mutts got 120+ charges and is only 23 ..
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    The violence that Muslims bring to women is astounding. I cannot believe that many of the "converted" Muslim females in the USA are aware of what Sharia would really mean.

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    Ok. yep i'm on the right thread.
    My opinion Cut his _____ off so he cant repraduce.
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