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Hello My friends, this is my first thread here, in this forum, and I'd like to introduce myself:

I'm Ricardo, i'm from Brazil and I work for a museum in my city. In this museum, we have a lot of guns that were, a long time ago, used by the Military Police of the State of Minas Gerais".

Well, we have there a lot of spanish revolvers and pistols, copies of S&W revolvers, and Browning Pistols, some I was able to identify its brand and/or maker, some I could identify its model, but nor all of them.

I'd like to know if you could help me identifying these guns, i need to know it exactly brand, maker, caliber and model.

I will insert bellow the URLs of the images, because I cannot update more then 20 images on this thread:

This is a Beistegui Hermanos Revolver, caliber .38 Long Colt, I need to know the exactly model of this gun, since I already know its brand/maker and its caliber (just ignore the old Taurus grips).

This one I actually don't know if its really a spanish gun, but it's surelly a copy of a Browning pistol, but instead of the 6,35mm cal. It is a .22 cal (not sure if LR or Short):

There is also this top-break revolver that I don't know if it's spanish made, I don't actually know much about this gun, its caliber is probably .38 S&W, but I'm not sure about it:

The only thing I can read on this pistol is "Automatic Pistol 6...", so I think its caliber is the .25 ACP (6,35mm) on the slide, the word "EIBAR" behind the wooden grips, and some marks that I don't know what it means:

This is a Orbea Hermanos revolver, probably the Model 92 and I think its caliber is the .32 S&W Short

This revolver is, probably, another Orbea Hermanos, but I have no more information about it:

And this is another top-break revolver, and I have no information about it:

Well, that's it my friends, I'm sorry for this long post with a lot of big pictures. I really hope you can help me to identify all of this guns, thank you a lot!
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