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(3/29/02 6:41:33 pm)
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Thanks for your help,
I've got an 1873 that was put in the back of a closet for well over 50 years and it looks to be in good condition. There is no wear on the action although the metal is no longer blued.(it has that well aged look) The barrel is smooth and shined with the rifling clearly visible.

The serial number is 153483 and forward of the chamber on the top of the rifle are the letters(in descendin order back towards the action) V, P, a strange mark, and then another V at the top edge of the action.

The wooden stock has few scratches but the finish is still there.

Also, the ramrod and bayonet are still with it.


just wanted a rough estimate of what I might be able to get for it or where I can find more or what to look for.

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(3/30/02 8:46:53 am)
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Re: 1873 Springfield Rifle
You appear to have what is commonly termed the Model 1879 US Trapdoor. These are marked US MODEL 1873 on the lock, but it is a distinct variation from the original 1873.

You dont indicate whether rifle or carbine. The rifles had barrels a bit over 32" long with two barrel bands. The carbines have 22" barrels with a half-stock and one barrel band. There was also a Cadet Rifle made with a 29 1/2" barrel.

There should be an inspector's cartouche on the stock with the initials SWP and a date (found opposite the lock).

If the more common rifle, in the condition you describe I would start at $1200 with the accessories. Add $500-$700 for the carbine (if original).
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(3/31/02 7:00:10 pm)
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It doesn't look like the pictures of the carbine. The barrel is 32" and it has two barrel bands. The SWP stamp has the year 1881.

So, $1200 is approx. a "blue book value"?
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