Sport rifles are generally used for hunting whether it's to bring down larger animals like deer or to hunt pheasants. This sport has been ongoing for decades with hunting been done for the purpose of collection of trophies or in some instances as a family activity that brings the members together. Whatever the reason for hunting may be, it is important to have a firearm that is best suited for the purpose. Part of the accomplishment is due to the skill in gun handling and usage when aiming at targets and calculating the other factors that can affect trajectory such as wind. However, the other factor that can help one become a success in sport hunting is choosing the correct sports rifle.

As the hunting season changes and more of the hunting enthusiasts get prepared to participate in hunting, it is important to understand the different sporting rifles available and whether they are suited to you depending on whether you hunt big or small game and also considering the distance from the target. Several shops sell the sport rifles together with the rest of the gear needed such as cartridge and scope as well as the outdoor clothing that is needed.

Different sport rifles are fitted for the various purposes with varying heights of performance and versatility. When hunting raccoons, rabbits and other smaller creatures, the .22 Rifles have been recommended. If the distance from the target is long, then the .22LR Rifle is efficient for the long range. It is fitted with a scope for the long range shots enhancing accuracy and ease of use. The cartridge is generally available in the different sports rifle shops making it easy to work with in the different countries. An image of this sport rifle is attached below.


Currently, the AR type rifles are being recommended for use as sports rifles due to their high performance and versatility. These modern sport rifles look like military rifles and this has been a source of confusion for many. Though they look the same, the modern sport rifles perform in a different manner. This confusion has led to a lot of controversies but these rifles are especially good when sport hunting. Some of the features that make the modern sporting rifles so efficient in hunting include the adjustable stocks, the detachable magazines, semi-automatic firing and a pistol grip. These sport rifles adopt all the benefits of the AR that made it one of the best military utility while customizing it to be used in game hunting and thus making the AR-15 platform based rifles the best sporting rifles. Organizations such as Smith and Wesson are always upgrading their sports rifles to ensure the weaknesses in the previous versions are eradicated and efficiency improved. The more efficient and high performing the sport rifle is, the more it costs.

When hunting bucks, Stag's 6.8 SPC Model 7 is considered to be very effective and efficient as it is easy to handle, very accurate and loaded with power. This sports rifle is able to handle more than what the deer rifle calibers can and do it with considerably less recoil. Its range is extensive going up to one hundred yards and more.

Alexander Arms .17 HMR sport rifle is just as remarkable with accurate performance and reliability. It exceeds the .22WMR in terms of trajectory as well as velocity and the susceptibility to the drift of the wind is significantly less. On a windless day, this sport rifle can be used to target game that is eve 200 yards away. This sport rifle is perfect when looking to shoot small game as well such as coyote, wild turkey or jack rabbits.

The Sig Sauer M400 Hunter is the ultimate sports rifle for most giving the hunters all they need to bring down the game. This sports rifle is not only well balanced but also comfortable when placed on the hands of the hunter. It has a wide range of ammo products that it can use making it even more attractive. Its phosphate coated barrel extends twenty inches and has an impressive twist rate at one in eight inches accompanied with six grooves. The overall length is 38.5 inch which is just the right length to handle properly while at the same time it is long enough to increase the speed from the cartridge.

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In conclusion, sporting rifles exist in different shapes and forms with the features added to them being highly varied. The more advanced the features are the better the performance of the sport rifle and often the range is also increased. This However comes at a cost but an investment in a good sport rifle is important, whether you are amateur hunter or a well experienced one.

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