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Sporting clays Shotgun Specs?
What are the details concerning setting up or modifying a
Sporting Clays Shotgun (tip of barrels to butt end)

Sporting Clays is designed to simulate field hunting conditions, primarily flushing upland birds. To that end, you need the same fit you'd want for a premium field shotgun, and not necessarily a trap gun.

Over and Under 30" forged chrome lined barrels. elevated rib.
front and mid barrel sights.
That's good, the extra bbl length will help smooth out the swing for crossing shots.

Length of Pull: 14 1/4" ?
Many shooters prefer a slightly longer length of pull than on their skeet/trap guns since this gun will be shouldered and fired relatively quickly. Give serious thought to a proper pad for Sporting Clays, such as Pachmayr's SC100.

Trigger weight: ?
Weight of pull is not as important as crispness. You dont need a spongy trigger!

Porting: ?
Sure, but not absolutely necessary. Nice extra!

Choke Tubes: Types/sizes? Ideal
Brileys are the standard by which others are judged, and for good reason. Set up with IM/IC if using factory-type chokes.

Forcing Cones: ? extended lengths?
Extended forcing cones are a good modification to any shotgun. Helps with shot pattern and recoil reduction.

Angles for Stock: ? Monte Carlo
Depends on your build. Most folks prefer a bit of cast-off, with no Monte Carlo. Think high-dollar English bird gun.

Balancing the gun: ?
Balance point should be between the hands or just slightly forward, but certainly not as far as the forearm hand.

Recoil Reduction: ?
Sure, but not all that necessary. Depends on how much you're going to shoot in a string.

OTHER suggestions?
A mechanical trigger instead of a recoil trigger!

Any competition series choke design (to improve shot patterns?
Briley, Briley, Briley. Did I mention Briley?

Thanks for any comments or suggestions you may have.
Charlie D
I appreciate it very much

Those are my suggestions, CD. Good luck on your project!

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(11/27/01 6:21:00 am)
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I agree with most of what AD has said. I shoot on a couple sporting clays teams so I have some experience and do have to say the long barrel is a hindrance more than a help. There are close shots that a short barrell is much better at. Also osme long shots the shooting window is so quick so do not have time to wrestle that long barrell around. A loss of sight plane is not really important, this is a shotgun after all not a rifle. But there are also some long slow shots that a long barrel is good for.

It all really depends on the range you shoot. Most people settle for a compromise.

It also depends on the action of your gun. A 28" barrel on my BSS is a lot shorter gun that a 28" barrel on my A-5. This is because the reciever is shorter. Myself I shoot a 26" with I/C Mod with my BSS at sporting clays. However I also use my A-5 with the 28" at the long range course and use about every choke I have sepending on the station. Screw in chokes are a good thing with sporting clays.

Porting of the barrel is a waste of money in my opinion also but that is a whole different arguement.
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