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Does anyone have experience with Vortex spotting scopes? I have read some good reviews about the Vortex Razor 20x60-85mm. I checked on line with a dealer by the name of Eagle Optics in Middleton, Wisconsin. Which also is the home address of Vortex Optics which appears to be right next door to Eagle Optics.
Reviews on Vortex indicates they are very close to the high end European optics for half the money. Vortex does offer a lifetime warranty on their optics. AS a general rule the higher you go in price the better the optics. I guess that is why I am having trouble pulling the trigger. Vortex is supposed to be made in Asia under the supervision of Japanese engineers.
Vortex owners comments would be most appreciated.

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call me biased as i sell them here in Australia as a bang for buck option

theres better but they are way pricier though NOT field ( tactical and rough use) item

a good sponge bag and they'll go from house to car to range and back forever

but i've ruined one taking a 12 foot fall on rocks

it was in the backpack but the pack took a decent whack ..

i dont get them back for warrenty but do get folks asking for the leg mount screws so use some plumbers tape to prevent em coming loose

but its a 1/2 mm thread so replacement screws are easy to get


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and i dont mean their dainty

heres some users of them ( one in each truck )

the main shooter and spotter are up front in the little red rocket

and then theres the roundup and pick up team

these folks shoot for a living and nothing will survive a roll over or similar so they get best they can afford to lose

he loves em

and mosin nagants too ;)

he stuffs one , he get's another and scopes it and goes back to work

but he's got good padded spotting scope and rifle cases built in now days

business has been good ;)


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