spring field rifle musket working replica.

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    I found a 58 cal. springfield rifle musket replica in the bargain cave at cabelas. the wifey wouldnt let me put it on the credit card, but i think im gonna sneak back up there and buy it if its still there. Might have to dip into my gunshow money.

    Was wondering how hard it is to find 58 cal projectiles suitable to the rifle-musket. If i recall correctly, they were designed to shoot hollow based minie ball projectiles and loaded with a pre-rolled paper cartridge that you bite the end off of to pour the powder and then stuff the rest down the bore on top of it... What else will they shoot with satifactory results???
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    check out the latest midway usa catalog.

    there are several companies that offer molds lee, lymen, rcbs. and several different types of minies.

    i prefer lee molds. they are inexpensive. make good bullets and easy to use.

    just follow the directions to cure and break-in the mold.

    lead can be bought from scrap yards or scrouged. just put out the word to your buddies that you need lead.

    the quality of softness is important for maximun accuracy but if you want to shoot and enjoy then wheel weight lead mixed with some virgin lead will work.
    there's a hold science with the blending of lead to achieve hardness.

    i just use the old timer's test...if i can dent /scratch it with my thumb nail it's good to go!

    enjoy that smoke pole! btw what model is it??.....1861,or 1864.
    i have an 1861 armi sport such a beautiful gun i have never fired it!
    i have fired on a regular basis my 1853 enfield armi sport and my 1842 springfld smoothbore musket. now that's a blast! 110grs, .680 ball and some .30cal buck on top! good picket load!