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    Usually people only hear when the customer service is bad. So, I thought I would post my recent experience. I just purchased my XDm-45 ( http://www.thefirearmsforum.com/showthread.php?t=79371 ) and just took it shooting for the second time. The first time I shot 310 rounds and this time after about 100 rounds the gun started jamming on only one magazine. So I marked it and continue firing for another 50 rounds to see if it really was the mag. Well, this one worked fine.

    On my way home I called Springfield from my cell phone and described the problem. They took my information the gun's SN and said that they would send me 2 free magazines for my trouble. They did not even want the old mag back.

    Not a bad deal!

    I think the spring is the problem as it feels much lighter than the other one. I figure I am going to replace it with this:

    Arredondo Extended +3 Spring and Magazine Base Pad

    and make it a range mag.
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