Springfield 1830 Rifle

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  1. Jim K

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    Dec 6, 2009
    I had no luck trying to identify those cartouches, but CB could be either Cyrus Buckland, who was an Armory sub-inspector around 1841 or Capt. Charles Boarman, who worked around 1847. Most lists are based on one or two identified and dated pieces, but many civilian workers spent their entire careers at the armory, and even military personel often had extended tours of duty there, so an inspector who crops up in, say, 1841, could also have been around in 1830 or 1850, or both.

    The Model 1816 is a pretty common gun. It was in service for a long time and almost 700,000 were made at the national armories alone, with tens of thousands more being made by a bunch of contractors.

    FWIW, I have a very nice Model 1816, that I have fired. It is not a Springfield, though, it is a Harpers Ferry.

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    Danno and Jim K,
    Thanks for the eduction. I am fascinated by these old military pieces, but just haven't taken or had the time to get into studying them. It's good to have experts who can fill in the blanks.

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