Springfield M1903-A3 Receivers

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  1. Just to let you folks know, SOG currently has original Springfield M1903-A3 receivers available for $259.95, and original, unissued bolt bodies (containing extractor collar, rear shroud including detent and spring, and striker rod spring) available for $12.95. I must say, I'm tempted . . . :D

    Of course, Polishshooter won't buy one because they were designed by (stolen from) Paul Mauser, but that's OK. :eek: :D :p
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  2. polishshooter

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    Mar 25, 2001
    No, PS, it's more like "Improved upon the deficient design of....":p

    Actually, just yesterday afternoon at a Cabelas I held in my hand a sweet "National Ordnance" 03A3 that they were "only" asking $339 for, and I was tempted even though I know it's a "rebuild...."

  3. But Polish, "improvement on perfection" is axiomatically an oxymoron! :D :p
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