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(11/28/02 5:43:01 pm)
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I am squatting behind a tree trunk, my arms wrapped around my knees, rifle clasped in my hands, my face against my thighs.There is the noise in my head of a big saw mill running, I can't see and my head is throbbing like I was hit with a claw hammer. My mouth is wide open, I may be screaming, I can't tell, all around tree limbs dirt and other stuff is still falling around and on me. I look to see anymore of the erupting holes, but I see nothing but smoke and busted trees. I feel my ears, and then my face, I stand up,nothing is missing or bleeding, I see others standing, I see people running forward, I stagger back onto the road. 50feet from where I was squatting I see a crowd forming, I walk over, on the trail lies a man with his blouse shoved up under his arms, his eyes are open his mouth opens and closes trying to make words come out, his lower body is gone, no legs, no hips or pelvis, just a stump of his spine sticks out of a emptied out ribcage. His face grows still and the eyes are unfocussed, he is gone. less than three minutes ago he was a man, now he is remains, this was my first patrol.
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