stainless gun sight problems

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    I recently bought a Ruger Bisley Vaquero. It is all stainless including the sights. The first trip to the range with the gun in the sun produced such a glint off the front (and rear) sight that accurate sighting was not possible. The front sight blade is permanently fixed to the barrel and the rear sight is part of the frame's top strap.

    I have considered but not yet tested two approaches: Flat black paint on the surfaces that make up the sight picture and using a sight blacker (a carbide source of smoke that covers the sights with carbon). I don't like either choice as they are not a permanent fix (the paint will probably come off with Hoppe's and the smoke gets all over the gun to just get it on the sights).

    I have considered bead blasting just the front sight blade and the surface you see on the rear sight (I have a bead blast cabinet and can mask off the rest of the gun). Has anyone done this and does it eliminate the glint from the shinny polished stainless steel surfaces of the sights for adequate sighting?

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    Rule 1..never buy a gun that outshines the shooter! remember BLUE is better!!

    try some vaseline to cut that and wont mess up the stainless.

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