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Robert Harden
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(8/30/01 2:24:20 am)
| Del All Staring at the open sand, and praying for a miracle.
I'm not a Vietnam vet, although I hold the highest respect for them......I did my growing up on the desert sand of Saudi Arabia.

I was 17 years old and I couldn't wait to be a military man. I dreamed it, read about it, and was anxious to get started. My mom signed a waiver so that I could enlist. I was off and running. Basic training in Ft. Jackson, SC and AIT in Ft. Sill, OK. I was a 13 Echo, Fire Direction Specialist. I graduated at 2p.m. one Sunday afternoon. My 1st Sgt and Sgt. Major were waiting for me. They drove me across post to meet up with the rest of my unit. Lucky me, I graduated just in time to fly across the world to Desert Storm. I turned 18 in basic training, and now here I was just 18 on a 747 landing in the middle of nowhere. We unloaded from the plane, to yelling, alarms, and the sound of explosions in the distance. Hussein was firing his ever so popular scud missiles at the airport and the holding area of the American soldiers. Our patriots, God Bless em, were doing an outstanding job of destroying every one, while we lie prone in the sand, covered in mop4 gear, complete with gas mask. I lied there in the sand, praying for miracles, praying that the patriots kept us safe, coming to terms with the fact that I may never again go home. I clutched my M16 rifle, feeling defenseless, no where to go, no cover, just sand. It's hard to explain the feelings that you carried around, and tried not to show, but I can tell you, I did indeed do my growing up on the desert sand of Saudia Arabia.

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V.I.P. Member
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(8/30/01 9:16:28 am)
| Del Re: Staring at the open sand, and praying for a miracle.
Welcome to the BB, Robert. Welcome Home and Thank You for
your service to our country!


V.I.P. Member
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(8/30/01 11:27:06 am)
| Del Re: Staring at the open sand, and praying for a miracle.
"growing up on the desert sand of Saudia Arabia",
"the rice paddys of Vietnam",
" the frozen mountains of Korea"
"the jungles of Guadacanal"

seems American youths have "grown up" in a lot of unusual locations.

thanks for your service, Robert,,,,,our country would not be here without patriots such as your self.

Stan H ,, nighthawk

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(8/30/01 11:37:38 am)
| Del Re: Staring at the open sand, and praying for a miracle.
Thank you Robert for sharing your story. And Welcome Home!

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