Statement of Dennis Henigan, Brady Center on Judge's Ruling in Gun

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    Statement of Dennis Henigan, Brady Center on Judge's Ruling in Gun
    Violence Case

    Press Release
    Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence
    1225 Eye Street, NW
    Washington, DC 20005
    Phone: 202-898-0792

    Washington, DC - The Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence released the
    following statement by Dennis Henigan, Director of its Legal Action
    Project, in response to the ruling today by Judge Jack Weinstein in the
    case brought by the NAACP against the gun industry:

    "Today's decision offers a clear and compelling indictment of the gun
    industry. There can no longer be any doubt that the gun industry ensures
    the continued supply of a robust underground gun market. Just as polluters
    create a public nuisance by dumping hazardous wastes into our waterways,
    the gun industry pollutes our cities with illegal guns. Gun makers know
    their dealers fuel the illegal market and have made a deliberate decision
    to supply corrupt dealers to profit from guns headed to the streets.

    "This decision was based, in large part, on the first courtroom testimony
    given by industry whistleblower Robert Ricker, a former gun industry trade
    association leader. Mr. Ricker first approached the Brady Center two years
    ago, offering to share his inside knowledge of the gun industry's
    deliberate strategy to do nothing to curb the conduct of rogue gun
    dealers. This ruling is a tribute to Bob Ricker's courage and
    determination to have the truth be told.

    "Although we regret that Judge Weinstein did not grant the NAACP the
    relief it sought, the gun industry can take no consolation in this result.
    Ironically, the relief was denied because the Court found that all
    Americans share the same kind of grievous injuries from gun industry
    misconduct suffered by the NAACP and its members. The gun industry should
    not be proud that it was able to escape judgment in this case because its
    victims include us all.

    "Judge Weinstein's ruling will bolster other lawsuits against the gun
    industry by gun violence victims and urban municipalities. It will,
    however, also intensify the gun industry's effort to pressure the U.S.
    Senate into passing S.659, granting the industry unprecedented special
    protection from lawsuits. The gun industry knows it cannot tolerate the
    evidence of its complicity in the illegal gun market to be presented to
    courts. The American people, however, must not permit Congress to give
    this industry protection from legal accountability that the courts are
    unwilling to provide."

    Much of the evidence of the gun industry's misconduct is presented in a
    report issued by the Brady Center entitled "Smoking Guns: Exposing the Gun
    Industry's Complicity in the Illegal Gun Market."
    Date of Release: July 21, 2003
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    Mar 26, 2003

    If you attack the Constitution, you attack me. By that criterion, this shyster merits a visit from my seconds, and a glove across the face. He would want to sue, rather than taking up his sword or his pistol though, so he is not worth bothering with. A load of manure dumped on him in a public place, wet enough to smother him, would be an appropriate end for this *person*.

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