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    OK, the police humor thread got me started, for the reasons I outlined in my post there.

    Our general foreman was a creature of habit.
    I worked 3rd shift usually, and EVERY morning the general foreman would walk in the end door of the shop and stop at the coffee machint to buy a cup of coffee on the way to his office. In his office, he would pick up the ceramic coffee cup which he had placed up-side down on his desk the day before, turn it over, and pour the paper cup into it. Then, he would set the cup down and go to the bathroom for number 2.
    EVERY morning, without fail, same routine.

    We concocted a plan.
    There were six stalls in the bathroom there.
    The mill was LARGE, and very hard on clothes, so guys were periodically throwing away well worn and burned pants, shirts, and work shoes at the end of their shift when they cleaned up to go home.
    We combed the mill and collected the discarded items for several days until we had six full sets of boots and pants.
    Back the shop, we sat a pair of shoes in front of each comode, and draped a pair of pants over them so they BARELY showed in the space under the door. Then we locked each stall from the inside, and crawled out under the doors.

    The next morning, the GF followed his routine to the letter.
    In the door.
    Purchase coffee.
    Pour into ceramic cup.
    Set it on desk.
    Walk into bathroom.


    All doors shut.

    Back to office.
    Took a few sips of coffee.
    Back to bathroom.
    Test all doors.

    Back to office.
    Take a few more sips of coffee.
    Back to bathroom with noticeably faster gait.
    Bend just a LITTLE to see shoes and pants in each stall.

    Back to office.
    Rapid pacing in front of desk.
    Back to bathroom, much faster gait.
    Back into hall, out the end door, into car and a FLYING trip down the road to the nearest gas station to use their facilities.

    By now, every guy in the shop is rolling on the floor laughing.
    We pulled all the shoes and pants before he got back, leaving every stall door open.

    To the last day I worked there, he never realized he was the victom of a practical joke, and may not even today.
    Unless he is a member of this forum, that is -
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    LOL That one brought back memories. Back in the early sixties I worked in a large shop as an apprentice Tool & Die maker. Us apprentice kids pulled that on the tool room supervisor with the same effect. Only thing different is someone ratted on us. The foreman got the job of chewing us out. He said the supervisor was so mad he was stuttering. He said the supervisor would have fired us if we weren't in a state program. On the way out of the foreman's office he winked at me and whispered "that was a good one, that old bastard almost dumped his pants". Thanks for bringing back those memories, I'm glad to see those tricks are still well and alive:):):)
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    OSHA has no sence of humor. I wonder how many people have been hurt because this sort of stress relief is frowned on by the Feds.
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    OSHA didn't care about these shenanigans, as long as they did not compromise safety in any way.
    Of course, this was between thirty and forty years ago -
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    The night shift/day shift prank duel still exists. I was on nights for 12 years until recently. Good stuff.
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