Steel Shot in Winchester 59

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    I have a Winchester Model 59. It has a Win-Lite barrel. It is not recomended to use Steel shot in the barrel. Is there a substitute for Steel that is legal for waterfowl?


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    Re: Steel Shot
    Some of the manufaturers have Bismuth out to replace steel shot. I do not know what effectes Bismuth might have on your barrel, and I would check with a good gunsmith to see if it is OK to use before buying any and trying it in your shotgun.

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    Re: Steel Shot
    You run a significant risk of seperating the barrel lining using anything other than standard lead field loads in the Winchester 59. These guns are becoming scarcer in top condition, and a barrel without splits is a must-have.

    Stick with modern thicker-walled steel barrel guns for waterfowl.

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