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Stevens 22LR falling block rifles

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I am about to purchase an early 1900's stevens lever-action breach loader. I know what I'm getting, and how to "rework" it. it is the style I cut my teeth on as a mechanic, and the model has been a favorite of my family for many years. in the past we would wear one out until it couldn't be fixed anymore, sell it for parts then get another one. well the another one isn't so easy anymore. the one I am buying has been raped and had the original rear site removed then drilled and tapped for a scope. that is no problem except the rear site. I can fill and hide the tapped holes no problem, but the site is a problem. as it is dove tailed for the site, for temporary use I can put a fixed site from a 10/22. however I'd rather replace it with an original site. would anyone out there happen to have a line on an old parts gun? I would greatly appreciate any help I can get here. thanks.
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Numrich will almost certainly have new sights. If you want an old original, I'd suggest watching Ebay, the various gun auction websites, and patience.
Wouldn't hurt to hit up some gunshow parts vendors.
okay I have the rifle, now how do I date this thing
About the best you can do is find out what model it is and date range that model was made. It is impossible to date old Stevens rimfires to an exact year.
well I was able to date it to before 1920 as it has no Savage marks on it.
This is about as close as you will get as far as a date.
Well that is helpful. Thanks for the info.
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