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First off this is my first post on the forum. I hope to post many more but for now I wanted to share today's experience:

I have a new Stevens 350 12ga pump SG for home defense. Unfortunately there aren't a lot of "specific" extras available for this gun. Some Ithaca Model 37 items fit (some require modification some don't fit at all) so you're pretty much on your own if you happen to purchase this gun. It's a solid Home Defense gun and thus far solid as a rock in performance and reliability (so far).

I've looked all over the web for add-ons and one thing I felt I must have ASAP is a tactical flashlight mounted to my 12ga. I ordered the ElZetta ZSM flashlight mount unit and it came in today. It mounted to my 12ga with no problems at all (uses none of the included adapters). Now I needed a flashlight. Finding one that is small enough to fit the mount (MAX is just a hair over 1" diameter) yet still powerful enough for the task at hand. I wanted a true "Tactical" light but decided I would wait until I found the perfect unit. Until that time I decided to use something I had around the house. Here's my "review" of the light I used:

Outback Flashlights - Dingo

I picked this flashlight up a few months ago at the place I work (building supply company) simply because it looked really cool. I had it in my "Go Bag" and never really used it. Today I installed an ElZetta ZSM Tactical Flashlight Mount on my Stevens 350 12ga Home Defense shotgun. I needed a flashlight to temporarily put into this mount until I could order a true "Tactical" flashlight for it. I was going through the various flashlights in my "Go Bag" and pulled out the Dingo. It looked like it would fit in the mount so I added it to my gun. Once I tightened everything I realized it was pretty much the perfect size for this mount and it looks really good. I was showing it off to my wife and realized it's not JUST a flashlight... it's a 3 position, high intensity, small form factor TACTICAL flashlight. It fits the ElZetta mount perfectly and looks GREAT on my shotgun.

Really good little light and GREAT Tactical Light!

If you have a Stevens or any other similar none-standard Home Defense gun and you're looking for a solid performing and well made "generic" Tactical Light Mount and a amazing little Tactical light gives these two a second look. I got the mount and the light for less than some other system want for the mount alone.
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