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Discussion in 'Technical Questions & Information' started by Three Gun, Jul 8, 2008.

  1. Three Gun

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    Jul 8, 2008
    I am rebuilding an old Stevens Favorite Model 1915. I have managed to locate new parts that were either missing or worn. The problem I am having is when the gun lever is cocked and the hammer is pulled back the cocking level falls away from the receiver bottom tang unless you hold it against the lower receiver tang. I do not know enough about this firearm to intellegently troube shoot the problem. I have noticed on earlier Stevens lever firearms diagrams that there is a "breech block spring" listed in the parts list but the diagrams do not show the "location" of the spring.

    When I took the 1915 apart the only spring that was included was the hammer spring. The gun has been taken apart prior to my getting it as the firing pin was made out of a nail!

    I would sincerely appreciate any intelligence that anyone can forward.


    Mario a.k.a. Three Gun
  2. Enfield

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    Oct 13, 2007
    I have a couple of Favorites and sure enough one does exactly the same

    I think that you will find that it is just due to wear and tear in the mechanism.

    A friend had the same problem with his and he got over it by bringing the barrel back slightly - he filled the dimple on the underside where the take down screw goes, then re-drilled it so that the breach block just nipped up tight on the rear face of the barrel.

    I have not got round to reworking mine yet, too many projects on the go ha ha and I just got another Favorite at the weekend, it's in great condition and in 25 rim.

    All the best

    Enfield in NZ

  3. Three Gun

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    Jul 8, 2008
    Thanks for the info. I just spoke with the owner of Wisner's Gun Parts. He was quite familiar with the Sevens favorites. He makes some of the parts for these guns. He also suggested pushing the barrel back slightly to tighten up the "head space." He hit a chord when he mentioned that usually after the hammer is in half cock position the lever stays in place and when there is a round in the chamber and the hammer is pulled all the way back, the shell tightens up the head space and the lever stays in place. I did not have the opportunity to chamber a shell until this afternoon after speaking to Mr. Wisner. Low and behold with a round chambered and the hammer all the way back the lever stays tight against the underside of the receiver tang! My problem is solved!

    I received the favorite from an elderly family member that received it as a boy. He is now 86. The gun was heavily used and worn. The ejector was broken, the firing pin consisted of a nail, the trigger sear was also broken. several of the screws had been replaced with regular round head machine screws and last but not least the gun was covered in rust. In it's current condition it really had zero value. So I decided to make it pretty!

    I sent the gun to George Roghaar in FL to have the barrel re-blued and the receiver heat case colored and the trigger plated in 24 kt gold. I re-finished the stock and fore stock with tru oil ( six coats) and 5 coats of Johnson's paste wax. The gun is gorgeous with the bluing, case coloring and gold trigger. Georges work was exceptional and a great guy to deal with. I would highly recommend George to anyone looking for various types of gun finishes. Georges web site is: Please check it out!

    Thanks for your input and time!

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