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Top Gun,

I'm not sure which of the letters you mention in your thread is the date code. You mention four: "K S ( A in a circle) then (G in a circle) then the letter A".
Savage/Stevens date codes: A = 1949, K = 1959, S = 1965 and G = 1955.

"The wood is in Very Mint condition, I refinished the wood when I was 13 (1963)." Not everyone will agree that the wood is in "Very Mint Condition". Most would say the wood is refinished but poorly done because of the sanding done to the wood at the edges, etc. that results in a very poor fit of wood to metal. Caution should be maintained when sanding to keep those edges sharp and not rounded. But at age 13, you did very well.

Enjoy shooting it with at the most, field or target loads. Best not to use steel shot or 2 3/4 inch magnum loads.

Keep it in the family.

Hope this helps.

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