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I have a Stevens model 311A and would like to know an approximate year of manufacture and value. I was reading a similar post and there was a series of letters and numbers for dating, but mine only has letters.

Top of one barrel it says; proof tested 12 gauge
2 ¾” Chamber

Top of right barrel it says; Selected Forged Steel

Left side of gun: Stevens 311
Savage Arms Corporation
Chicago, Ill.

On the other side it says; Stevens 311 A

Open the breach and on the left it has stamped the letters

K S ( A in a circle) then (G in a circle) then the letter A

On the right side it is stamped the Greek symbol “Omega” (fancy looking U)
not the actual word Omega, just the symbol.

The wood is in Very Mint condition, I refinished the wood when I was 13 (1963). It was handed down to me from my grandfather, but I don't know how long he had it prior to 1963. He was a horse trader, I know he didn't get it new.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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