stevens/savage "favorite"

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    i have been looking at single shot .22's lately (mainly the h&r) and i noticed the local gun shop had a stevens favorite rifle. iv never seen one of these before! i was kinda awe-struck at the crudeness of the rifle and that kinda made it appealing to me. anyone have one of these? whats a good price? are they still in production? whats accuracy like compared with the h&r? sorry bout all the questions at once and thank you!
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    Not crude.....just simple, very reliable, and a heckuva lotta fun. The Stevens "Favorite" first came out in 1894 and was made until 1940.

    The current Savage version is a pretty faithful reproduction of the original, but made with stronger, more modern steel.
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    Re: stevens/savage "favorite" Dear McFry:

    What model and chambering is this Savage Stevens Favorite? If it is new, it will have Savage's good warranty if purchased. I have every Model 30: .22 LR, .22 WMR, and .17 HMR. Their pivoting block actions are strong enough for these loads. I love the lightness of these 4.25 Lb rifles for roaming. All are capable of 1-1.5" at 100 yards with iron sights. I have not found a scope to do anything for these little rifles but to render them cumbersome. I have found all capable of headshots on squirrels to fifty yards from offhand supported on the side of a tree. The .22 WMR and .17 HMR don't leave much head. Take care to inspect the extractor for dry-firing damage and don't dry-fire yourself because the extractor and firing pin are very sensitive to this. Many Model 30s of any caliber have the world's worst trigger pull. It can be easily improved by cocking the rifle and working the trigger sear against that of the hammer taking care that you don't let the hammer impact the firing pin. This rubs the hard, rough metal surfaces smoother in a couple of sessions without voiding your warranty. My best loved squirrel rifle is the Model 30G .22LR shooting Aguila Golden Eagle Match or Federal Automatch. For a power load in this little rifle I use CCI Velocitor. An elevation ramp from
    a 30R17 or 30 GM is better for all uses with the Model 30 .22Lr that the 30G's. Good luck.
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    Nice little plinker
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