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Put a thread out couple weeks ago,bought one direct from makers. I had an original back in the early 1990s in 7.92 Kurtz almost mint cond., still have 1400 rds of steel laquerd cased ammo for it that doesnt fit anything else.The 22lr version is spot on,including orig weight.Have a ten rd mag for muck about shooting,& a 25 rd mag for more general type shooting.Price paid equivilent to 1000 dollars and its well worth it, am so pleased with it especially as I had to hand the orig in to our Govt. as we can only have military self loaders in 22lr only.Can have as many handguns in all calibres as we want,but not rifles,except bolt & U/L. Did get paid its full value,but still miss it badly.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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